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Cascadia Bulk Liquid Flexitank Services - Liquid Cross Section Cascadia Bulk Liquid Flexitank Services - 3D Flexitank Cascadia Bulk Liquid Flexitank Services - Flexitank
Cascadia Bulk Liquid Flexitank Services - Liquid Cross Section Cascadia Bulk Liquid Flexitank Services - 3D Flexitank Cascadia Bulk Liquid Flexitank Services - Flexitank

Bulk Liquid & Flexi Tank

Cascadia Container Line, Inc is the Canadian leader in Non Hazardous Bulk Liquid Flexitank services. Cascadia and our global partners Braid Logistic's Inc is proud to offer our Canadian Flexitank Systems from Coast to Coast, with full service centers in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax as well as most major cites within the United States of America.

Our International Flexitank services provide

Cascadia Bulk Liquid Flexitank Services - Flexitank

  • Safe, reliable and proven equipment that offers 30 to 40% savings to conventional bulk liquid transportation
  • Global coverage and technical support from Both Cascadia and Braid for every flexitank that is moved
  • Full service moves from your Door to your international customers destination worldwide
  • Logistics, customer service and communication awareness that offers our customers advantages over their international competition.

Please contact us to find out more about our Non Hazardous Bulk liquid solutions.

Specification & Certification

Type: 23,000 liter Top Discharge Multi-Layer Flexi Tank

Material: Patented Polyethylene Films

  • Resistant to abrasion and stress cracking
  • Highly flexible with exceptional elastic characteristics
  • Unique sealing technique
  • Reliable and user friendly

Protective outer cover (Woven Polypropylene Fabric)

Description Typical Characteristics
Denier: 1500
Weight: 205 gsm
Low temperature flexibility: -20 degrees Celsius
High temperature flexibility: +70 degrees Celsius
Lamination one side: 35 gsm
Tensile strength warp D/N13934-1: 2000n / 5Cm
Tensile strength weft D/N13934-1: 1565n / 5Cm
Elongation warp ISO 13934-1: 18%
Elongation weft ISO 13934-1 21%
UV Stability EN 1895: 150 KLY

Recommended use
Single use flexitank for non-hazardous foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals,
chemicals or industrial products

Food-grade flexitank

Description Typical Characteristics
Total weight of fabric per unit: 45.72 kgs/1330gsm
Weight: 220 gsm
Tear strength warp: 80N
Tear strength weft: 25N
Low Temperature Flexibility: -20 Celsius
High Temperature Flexibility: +60 Celsius
Tensile strength MD: 31.7n/mm2
Tensile strength TD: 33.5n/mm2
Elongation MD (ASTM D882): 855%
Elongation TD (ASTM D882): 920%
Dart Impact (ASTM 1709): 1250 g
Melt point index: 0.8

Physical properties of flexitank

Description Typical Characteristics
Capacity of flexitank: 23,000 liters / 6,220 US gallons
Maximum payload weight: 21,000 kgs / 46,300 lbs
Size of flexitank: Plus/Minus 2%
Material of construction of flexitank: 7300mm x 3900mm
Exterior cover: Polypropylene
Valve position: Top Rear Mounted
Valve size: 2 inch
Valve type: Ball
Hose size: 2 inch bore X 4ft long
Hose connection: Two inch male cam-lock


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